Business 101: Start It Up September 3, 2016
Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Business Resource Center (MACC BRC)
600 South Court Street
Mongomery, AL, 36104

We believe it is essential for anyone in business to have a business plan. This local workshop will help you formulate the steps you need to take, provide a firm foundation for your business and go a long way towards preventing problems and mistakes

It will also help clarify the financial needs for your business, fixed and operational costs.  This is essential if you are planning on applying for outside financial assistance, but is also valuable as your tool to assess the prospects of your future business operation.

Finally, a business plan is fundamental to our mentoring process – without a plan, how can we help you get to where you want to be?

The MACC BRC  is located at 600 South Court Street in Montgomery. There is a $10 fee for the cost of the materials.  You do not have to register in advance. For questions or information about the Business Planning Workshop, please call 334-832-4790.

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